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How your friends and family can help

Greater support may lead to greater success

The more your loved ones know and understand what goes into managing your diabetes, the better they can help you when you need it. Your diabetes care team is important to your diabetes care plan, but family members and friends can also help fill in some of the gaps along the way. 

A few ideas on getting loved ones involved in your diabetes care:

  • Get them to stay active with you—go for walks or do light yard work together
  • Have them join you during your health care provider visits and diabetes    education classes
  • Prepare delicious, diabetes-friendly meals together for everyone to enjoy
  • Teach those close to you what to do in case your blood sugar goes too low or you need emergency help 

Sometimes family and friends may try too hard to help. An example is when they monitor your every move, asking questions like, “Are you sure you should eat that?” or “Shouldn’t you check your blood sugar right now?” The truth is, at the end of the day, your support team is yours. Letting loved ones know what you feel is helpful and encouraging, but be honest when you need them to give you some breathing room. Just remember that they are there for you.

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