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Stay on top of
your diabetes

There’s a lot you can do to help keep yourself healthy with diabetes—and it starts with making a solid plan.

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What are you most interested in?

Your plan, your future

How type 2 diabetes can change over time

This video outlines the progressive nature of diabetes and reassures patients that change is a normal part of the diabetes journey.

Tips for setting your goals

It’s important to know where you are going and keep up your motivation to get there.

Your diabetes has changed. What now?

It’s true: The diabetes you had yesterday may be different from the diabetes you'll have tomorrow.

How your diabetes treatment plan may evolve

This infographic goes over a few ways your treatment plan may change over time.

Managing the risk of long‑term problems

Now is the time to take action to help reduce the risk of long‑term problems from diabetes.

Blood glucose maintenance

Digital tools for managing diabetes

This infographic walks you through some common digital devices to help with diabetes management.

Digital devices for managing diabetes

This video aims to help you get familiar with some of the digital devices that can help support diabetes management.

The lowdown on handling low blood glucose

How to recognize low blood glucose (hypoglycemia) from diabetes and take action.

A1C vs blood glucose: What are we looking at?

Find out how both blood tests give important insights into your health.

High blood glucose: What you need to know

Learn the signs of hyperglycemia and how to help manage it.



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