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Healthy food doesn’t always mean boring food

Let's tickle those taste buds! What you put into your body can make a big difference in how well you manage diabetes.

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Healthy recipes

Healthy recipes

Dig into these diabetes-friendly AND tasty recipes that everybody at your table will love.

Cooking and meal planning

Think big, start small

Some tweaks here and there can help you improve your diabetes meal planning and reach your healthy eating goals.

Making friends with your meal plan

It’s great if you’re eating healthier for diabetes now. Here are some ways to commit for the long run.

Understanding food and portions

The basics of healthy eating

Think of this video as Healthier Eating 101—you might walk away with a few new tips to try.

Managing portions and serving sizes

This infographic has some simple visual comparisons that can help.

Get the feel-good facts on food labels

The fine print has big takeaways for people living with diabetes.

A little more of this, a little less of that

Find out how small diet adjustments can make a big difference for someone with diabetes.

Hey sugar, what’s your story?

If you have diabetes, counting carbs can help control blood glucose. You can start today.

Understanding nutrition labels

This infographic has a few tips for reading and understanding nutrition labels.

What to order and eat

Simple swaps and substitutions

Check out a few simple swaps in this infographic.

Staying “on course” when dining out

Restaurants and diabetes can be tough together. How about a few ways to stay in control with a menu in your hands?

So, what can I eat?

See how to keep making diabetes-friendly food choices that you actually enjoy.



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