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How your diabetes treatment plan may evolve

Diabetes changes over time

Even if you are doing everything right, diabetes may seem never-ending. It’s just the nature of the condition. As time goes on, your diabetes care plan may need to change because your body is making less insulin. By working with your diabetes care team, you can discuss options that can help you continue to manage your diabetes. Your health care provider may recommend you start, change, add, or increase a medicine if healthy eating and being active isn’t controlling your blood sugar.

Do your best to accept change. By successfully handling changes in your care over time, you may be able to manage both your diabetes and your long-term health goals.

Watch a video on how diabetes changes over time.

Changes your health care provider may recommend for type 2 diabetes

Here are some possible adjustments you can expect:

Switching to a different medicine that may better address your needs

Adjusting the dose of a medicine to help keep up with the changes in your diabetes

Adding a new medicine that might give you additional benefits

For a better understanding of what’s going on in your body when you have type 2 diabetes and it progresses, learn about the diabetes puzzle

It’s good to know that even when your diabetes is changing, there are digital tools and devices to help you manage it. 

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